Photo: Santi Veiga

Thank you in advance for your interest in my services. As your future wedding photographer, I would like for you to know about myself. 

Above all, I am a father. I have three children who day to day give me the strength and joy of life. Because of them, I work and I undertake new challenges and always look forward.

I am a husband. My wife is the person who encourages and helps me believe in myself. Since my early beginnings, she has always supported me and thanks to her I stand where I currently do.

Last, I am a wedding and portrait photographer; photographing events, families, children and people is my specialty and I am so proud of it. Photography has always been my passion and it is a great privilege to make a living of what I enjoy doing. 

All the above make me feel a very fortunate person. I have a beautiful family and a wonderful job, what else can I ask life for?